Sell Your Business

Every seller's journey is unique. We adapt to your timeline, ensuring we move at a pace that feels right for you.

Our Perspective

When we buy companies, we think about...

The long-term

We only buy a business if we want to own it forever. We also consider how well the business fits into larger macroeconomic trends.

Potential for growth

Is the business ready to progress along an identifiable growth path? Is there a limit to the size the business can become? We love building and scaling, and we want our businesses to grow.

Your legacy & your employees

We adhere to this familiar tenet: first, do no harm. We simply want to build on legacies created by founders and the exceptional employees that create phenomenal businesses.

How we can help

How can we immediately provide value to your business and your employees? KCN believes in servant leadership, so expect to hear this from us regularly: how can we help?


We buy businesses that...

are (usually) located in the midwest
Company Stage
have a history of steady $2 million+ EBITDA
focus on value, scalability, and macro outlook
are insulated from technology disruption
Before & After

How your company might look...

History of success

Your business delivers exceptional products and services, with steady revenue streams.


Your back-office processes are under-developed, limiting your company's ability to grow further.

High-value team

You have a team of exceptional employees who provide specialized and undervalued services.


Your team is occupied with administrative hassles that distract from customer attention and growth.  

An uncertain future

You built your company from the ground up, and it has flourished into a thriving business.


You are thinking about the future and want to protect your team and your legacy.

Poised for long-term growth

We have established processes and systems to position the company for long-term success.


Provided a new strategic perspective to push the company into new geographies and markets.

Your team doing what they do best

We invested in your employees to build on their expertise and reduce their administrative burden.


Your employees have flourished, because they are in roles focused on their highest and best use.

Your company and your legacy are secure

You and KCN have worked together until you are ready to move to other things in life.


You know your company and your employees are in good hands, positioned for sustainable growth.

Deal Process

Selling your business is monumental. And maybe a little scary.

That's why we try to break it into manageable pieces. The timelines here are just estimates. We'll go as fast (or as slow) as you'd like.

Step 1

Intro Meeting or Call

After a company inquires about a transaction with KCN Companies, we'll likely set up a call or meeting.

Step 2

Initial Business Review

If it makes sense to proceed after the intro, we'll conduct an initial review of your company's financial statements, operations, legal status, and market position.

1-3 weeks after Step 1

Step 3

Indication of Interest (IOI)

If we like what we see, we'll send you an IOI outlining our proposed framework, terms, and conditions for a transaction with KCN Companies.

1-2 weeks after Step 2

Step 4

Letter of Intent (LOI)

If we mutually agree to proceed after the IOI, we'll want to meet you in person (if that hasn't already occurred) and then work with you to finalize an LOI with detailed terms of a definitive purchase agreement.

2-4 weeks after Step 3

Step 5

Detailed Diligence Review

After signing an LOI, we and our third-party advisers complete final diligence on your company, including finance, tax, insurance, regulatory, legal, operational, training and sales.

60-120 days after Step 4

Step 6

Definitive Purchase Agreement

During the diligence review, your team and ours will simultaneously work to execute a detailed purchase agreement setting forth all of the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Completed concurrently with Step 5

Step 7


We complete the transaction, and you and your employees become part of the KCN family of companies!

Concurrently with completing Steps 5 and 6, or at an agreed later date


What our founders say

I chose KCN because I wanted a partner that could take ECS to the next level. KCN has been that and more. They have invested heavily in current ECS employees, improved our processes, and continued our strong commitment to sustainable growth.

Dave Schloegel


ECS Founder

Think we might be a good fit to buy your company?